From the Archives

In preparation for Marlboro's treasure troves of photos, videos, publications, and other archives going off to University of Vermont, an effort was made to scan many images that had never been digitalized. These are just some of the iconic images that were captured, and that will be made available in UVM's special collections.

 Sun bathing in the 1950s.

What parties used to look like in the late 1950s.

A student makes their way across campus in winter, in this undated photo.


New students wait outside the dining hall for the English exam in 1978.


Playing soccer with an audience of one, in 1982.


Students direct traffic after a Town Meeting ordinance banning cars on campus in 1970.

A scene from the dining hall in the late 1960s.

The "Grazers" clear brush by the geodesic dome that was the site of their alternative dining hall.

Community members work together to help raise the Campus Center in 1981.


Students stretch out hoses during a fire drill in the 1980s.

Appletree is filled to capacity for a debate on the subject of "Is Poetry Dead?"

Students start a garden on the future site of Marlboro Gardens in 1990.

Biology professor Bob Engel holds forth about measuring species diversity.


The OP building is painted with polkadots for a gag in 1983.


 Students express their love for Marlboro in the 1970s.