Potash Hill

Fall 2014

Editor’s Note

If you picked up this publication and said, “What the…,” let me assure you that you are indeed holding the latest issue of Potash Hill, the illustrious magazine of Marlboro College. The new design for this Fall 2014 issue is the result of months of research, constituent outreach, and mindful contemplation, which you can read much more about on page 20.

For now, suffice it to say that our intention has been to maintain the same simple, elegant, intellectually stimulating, and nostalgically sincere experience that you have come to expect from Potash Hill. Some of the additional attributes we have gained in the process you will notice right away, such as the introduction of more color images and typography. Other things may take a little longer to appreciate, such as moving your letters to the front of the magazine, where they can inspire you to engage more with the content.

The new design afforded the opportunity to introduce new elements, such as the Clear Writing sample on the very first page, and a striking, full-spread, no-place-like-Marlboro image on the following page, which we are calling Up Front. The news section, still called On and Off the Hill, includes a jaunty Q&A probing the mysteries of a beloved faculty member, and Alumni News kicks off with a full-length alumni profile.

Perhaps the most comprehensive structural change you will find is that Potash Hill will now include content from the college’s admirable graduate and professional studies programs, based in Brattleboro. This has been a long time coming, and has been foreshadowed by Marlboro faculty who have taught at both campuses, Marlboro alumni who have gone on to further their education at the graduate campus, and shared community events that have happily reinforced the fact that we are, after all, one community.

Indeed, if you did not pick up this publication and say, “What the…,” you may very well be associated with Marlboro through the graduate school and reading Potash Hill for the first time. Whether you are a first-time reader or a longtime devotee, I welcome your comments about the new design, new arrangement, and the content in this issue.

Philip Johansson, editor