Potash Hill

Up Front

Forest Traditions

“Have you yearned for a fantastical escape from the bustle of day-to-day life? Do you want to be the maker of your own home, and build a magical village in the woods of Marlboro? Join us as we create our own village in the woods. We will spend the week using the forest and our creativity to build a community that reflects our personalities and interests. Your input will sculpt our village culture; we will work together to name our village and create folktales, songs, and traditions. Our buildings will be inspired by traditional Cree designs, Hobbit holes, Earthships, and our own unique innovations. We hope to establish our village as a home away from home— something that can always be returned to, added upon, and shared with our friends and neighbors at Marlboro over time.”

— From the description of the Bridges orientation trip last fall titled “Village in the Woods: Building Community from the Ground Up.” As part of the trip, students explored the majestic apple trees that are part of their new home on campus. 

Photo by Sterling Trail ‘17